Soccer Tennis Tournaments

What is Soccer Tennis?

It's :

Soccer tennis is a fun juggling game that takes the best aspects from soccer, tennis and even volleyball and creates an enjoyable small-sided experience that is a lot of fun, but better yet, it also increases your soccer skills while you play! This game is an effective method to improve one’s first touch – by giving players a fun, game-like setting with little or no pressure from opponents (a no contact sport) while being a blast to play in the process – it’s no wonder why this game is so popular! That is precisely why players and coaches all around the world invented the hybrid game of soccer-tennis. This great game has everything you need to learn about technique and ball control and can be THEE game that really sharpens your skills. Come join one of our tournaments!

2vs2 tournaments and games will force players to concentrate on their first touch and passing skills by ‘setting up’ their teammates to score points against an opponent. If you are a serious player and want to prove that you have the individual skills to come out on top, there are also 1vs1 tournaments that will really test your soccer abilities. This much is true, soccer tennis is a proven game for skill development that can make a huge difference in a players overall ability!

The Upper 7 Soccer Academy will be holding many different types of soccer tournaments that will not only be open to youth players, but even adults as well!!!

If you are interested in what we have to offer continue scrolling for more information about one of the awesome tournaments you can join. Thanks for your interest!

Winter Soccer Tennis Tournament

Stay tuned for more information regarding our next winter soccer tennis tournament. More tournament information, how you can join and registration details will be found by clicking the button below once we are ready to share more with you. Thanks for your patience!

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