soccer is fun!

What is soccer is fun!?


SOCCER IS FUN! wants to make soccer as FUN as possible for everyone! If you are new to soccer, only play the game for fun or are just looking to have a good time…SOCCER IS FUN! is the ideal place for you!!! Our camps are designed for everyone interested with our ultimate goal to be an outlet that will help continue developing life-long players of the game by showing them just how much FUN soccer can be! By focusing on nothing but FUN activities, creating a positive, non-training environment with a constant dedication to a players enjoyment, we hope we can help create more players that will all have a love and passion for this beautiful game as they get older.
“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them.”Magic Johnson

What’s the difference from Upper 7 Academy Offerings?

  • Focus is on Fun activities & games!

    Every activity is designed for maximum fun and enjoyment! If you just want to have FUN – this is the place for you!

  • Non-Training Environment

    Technique, tactics and skill-building take a backseat to fun activities and environment. We want to build love for the game here, then players can decide if they want a more traditional training environment like Upper 7.

  • Designed for all players

    Camps are for anyone – experienced or new to the game – just looking to have some fun or who don’t desire a traditional training atmosphere.


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“Soccer is so much more than a soccer ball and two goals. It connects people from all corners of the globe.”Unknown Author

Let’s Have some Fun!