Lets keep this simple shall we: The UPPER 7 SOCCER ACADEMY was born from the desire to bring a variety of fun, soccer-related activities, camps, and tournaments that aim to cater to a wide variety of players. From avid players looking for technical and tactical training that will help bring out the best in themselves, to anyone who just has a passing interest in the game of soccer, the UPPER 7 SOCCER ACADEMY has many different programs that will suit what you are looking to get out of the game of soccer.

Whether we are holding fun activities and events such as soccer tennis tournaments – each with cash prizes for the winners!; providing a technical and tactical outlet to practice, play and perfect your soccer game with the UPPER 7 SOCCER ACADEMY; having a blast through one of our SOCCER IF FUN! camps; or maybe you would like to hire us for a fun soccer-related event (birthday parties, private parties, etc.), we look forward to proving to you just how much FUN soccer can be at all levels!

Our ultimate goal is this: to provide an outlet for all ages – kids to adults – that helps everyone enjoy the world’s most popular sport even more while creating moments and memories that can be shared with friends and family for a lifetime. If we can help build more love and passion for the game of soccer – we will consider our time more then well spent!

Thanks for visiting our website – please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding how we can make soccer fun for you! Long live the beautiful game!

Stefan Andersson
| The Soccer Lover

Stefan Andersson has been playing the beautiful game of soccer since he was 6 years old and credits soccer with giving him some of his greatest memories and friendships. Through the Upper 7 Soccer Academy and its many programs, Stefan would love nothing more than to help grow love and passion for the game of soccer, and ultimately, create memories that people can look fondly back on their whole lives. He looks forward to meeting and working with everyone who will participate in what the Upper 7 Soccer Academy has to offer and would like to thank you in advance for allowing him a chance to do what he loves. He would also like to apologize for referring to himself in the third person and promises not to do so in person. He…um…I mean…I look forward to seeing you on the field!

Stefan’s Unique Skills

Love Of Soccer
Kung-Fu Abilities
Foosball Skills
Dancing Skills
Desire to make soccer fun for everyone
Off The Charts
| The Beautiful Game

The game of soccer is the obvious star of the UPPER 7 SOCCER ACADEMY because everything we do wouldn’t be possible without it. Soccer is by far the world’s most popular sport and the game hopes to keep it that way for as long as it can.

We firmly believe that if you give soccer a chance, whether it is through us here at the Upper 7 Soccer Academy, or the many other quality clubs, camps, and academies out there, the game will provide you with plenty of fun and rewarding experiences no matter where you play it.

Soccer is a simple game, that much is true, but it teaches you more than just how to kick round objects. Leadership, teamwork, hard work, resilience, and confidence are just some of the many intangible skills you will learn on the soccer field that you can apply to your life off of it as well.

All we ever wanted to do was provide an outlet for people to experience the great things this wonderful game can teach. Whether you are a newcomer or already play the game of soccer, either way, we can’t wait to meet and play this beautiful game with you!


Soccer’s Unique Skills

Enjoyment Given to all those who play
Has Nightmares about being a square ball rather than round
Ability to bring people together
Likes to confuse americans by being called football
Ability to break windows

Inspiration for Upper 7 Soccer Academy