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Our Upper 7 Soccer Academy 2017/2018 Winter Program is open for registration!!! Click the link below for more information regarding program details and how to register:


What exactly do we do?

We aspire to:

The Upper 7 Soccer Academy has one purpose: To provide a variety of unique soccer experiences to the Spokane area, and more importantly, to help grow love and passion for the game of soccer while having fun doing it! Soccer is enjoyed by millions in many different forms – we would love to make the game enjoyable for you!

Whether you are an avid player of the game or someone who just wants to have some fun, the Upper 7 Soccer Academy aims to provide an outlet and place for all types of players to play the game they love. Through technical and tactical training, tournaments, camps, private events or just fun soccer activities, we will do our best to provide an outlet for quality and fun soccer experiences that all players and non-players alike can enjoy. Scroll down to see some of the things we offer, and if you are interested, please use the website menu to find out more info with regards to what we do. Thanks for stopping by!

What is the upper 7 soccer academy?

If you are an avid player who wants to improve their technical and tactical skills, then the Upper 7 Soccer Academy is for you! We provide camps and training sessions designed to take you to the next level and make you better soccer players...

Practice, Play and Perfect your soccer game

If you want to become the best soccer player you can be, click below for more information about what the Upper 7 Soccer Academy can offer you.

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What's soccer is fun!?

Do you play soccer just for fun or are just looking to have a good time? If so, then sign up for one of our camps! If you'd like a non-training atmosphere that aims to show you just how much FUN soccer can be, then SOCCER IS FUN! is just for you!...

We Make Soccer Fun, For everyone!

If you want to have a good time, click below to learn more about SOCCER IS FUN!

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Soccer Tennis Tournaments

Interested in testing your juggling skills against the best Spokane has to offer? If you think you have what it takes to come out on top in one of our 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments, we would love to have you join us...

May the best juggler(s) win!

We offer Youth Opens (11-13), High School Opens (14-17) and Adult Opens (18-99) too! Better yet, winners of each tournament receive a cash prize! Click below to learn more about how you can enter one of our tournaments and become the ultimate juggling champion!

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You Do Private events too!

We sure do! If you have a birthday or some other event you'd like to celebrate with some soccer fun, then get a hold of us and we will reserve a soccer event just for you!...

let us make your event a memorable one!

Reserve your soccer event now, by clicking the button below.

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